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His Daughter's Teacher

His Daughter's Teacher

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A single dad afraid to love again. A teacher who knows she can't fall for him.

Main Tropes

  • Forbidden Romance
  • Single Dad
  • Small Town


Makayla has always wanted to be a wife and a mom. So far, love has only brought her heartache. She's settled down after moving to get away from the looks of pity at home and loves her job as a teacher. But she still wishes for a family of her own.

Ryan thought his life was turning out great when he married young and started a family. Now as a single dad to his daughter, all he thinks about is protecting her and trying his best to be all the parent she needs. He won't risk his heart or his daughter's heart again.

Ryan meets a new woman, and he can't deny the attraction he feels. But he can't have feelings for his daughter's new teacher.

When Makayla and Ryan are assigned to the same volunteer committee, they find themselves spending time together. But will they put her job and all of their hearts in jeopardy if they allow themselves to give in to their feelings?

Chapter One Look Inside

Ryan Baker’s life had taken an unexpected turn. He used to dream of a perfect family life. Wife, a couple of kids, house in the suburbs. What more could he want? After a long day of work at his management consulting firm, he could go home to his wife and kids and enjoy life as a family.

Instead, he placed an order for pick up at the local Chinese place before he pulled into the parking lot of his daughter's summer camp program. Only a couple of weeks before she would be headed off to first grade.

Ryan cut the engine and sat in the car. Dozens of kids ran around the fields, some kicking a soccer ball, others playing a game of tag, some sat in groups talking or drawing pictures. He could see Nora from a distance. She sat on the edge of a set of bleachers. Alone. 

He ran his fingers through his short, dark hair and sighed. If only he knew how to help her make friends. He hated to see her by herself and know she hadn't made any friends the whole summer. What was it like for her to spend her days feeling alone?

That he might know something about. Of course, he couldn't teach her how to make friends. He didn't really have any himself. Sure, he had colleagues at work, and spending his days working in different businesses gave him the opportunity to meet new people all the time. But friends? Real friends? He couldn't list any.

Ryan forced a smile as he climbed from his car and made his way to Nora. "Hey, sweetheart."

Nora smiled for him and ran to greet him. “Hey, Daddy.” 

He held his arms open, and she hugged him tight around the waist. He wished he could wrap her up and keep her there forever. At six-years-old, she had already experienced enough hurt for the rest of her life. Ryan wished he could keep her from any more.

“Are you ready to go pick up some dinner?”

Nora nodded but remained quiet. 

“Grab your backpack while I check you out and we’ll get going.”

Nora did as she was told. She was a great kid, really. Ryan hardly ever had to tell her to do something more than once, and he never raised his voice at her. When needed, a stern look was enough. He was thankful for that, but also hated knowing that she was always working for his approval.

His mouth turned downward, and he lowered his eyebrows as he mulled over how he could do better for her. It was hard when he knew what she really needed was something he couldn’t give her—a mom.

Nora came running, and Ryan forced a smile for her. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed her as they walked towards the car.

“Chinese?” Nora asked. 

“Chinese,” Ryan said.

Nora smiled. “My favorite.”

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