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Her Roommate's Brother

Her Roommate's Brother

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It was supposed to be one date, but it quickly turns into a longer ruse. When they start to share more than the secrets behind their fake relationship, will they fall for each other for real?

Main Tropes

  • Fake Relationship
  • Opposites Attract
  • Best Friend's Brother


Ally Hughes likes living by the rules and playing it safe, and there’s definitely a rule against dating your roommate’s brother. But when she needs a fake date to keep from being set up again, it turns out he might be just the man for the job.

Jackson Franklin likes to figure out life as he goes, but now his business is in trouble. He comes to town for a job interview, but he’s desperate to keep his sister in the dark. Desperate enough to agree to be a fake boyfriend.

It was supposed to be one date, but it quickly turns into a longer ruse. When they start to share more than the secrets behind their fake date, will they fall for each other for real?

Chapter One Look Inside

Jackson Franklin had always wondered what it would be like to have a normal family. As he drove through the city of Twin Creeks, Tennessee, he admired the small-town feel and it reminded him of the town he grew up in. But the sight of a family playing in the park—mom, dad, and kids—he knew it was nothing like his own childhood. The sound of his phone ringing distracted him. “Hey, Emily,” he said. His sister would be wondering about his arrival. “Don’t worry, I’m almost there now.” 

“Good, I can’t wait to see you,” she practically squealed. 

Hearing the excitement in her voice made him smile. “I know, it’s been too long.” The familiar feeling of guilt washed over him, he knew that was his own fault. He hadn’t meant to stay away so long, but he used the excuse that he was busy building his business. Now that didn’t matter anyway. He promised himself he would do better. His siblings were the only real family he had, and he didn’t want to push them away. 

“Just use the key and let yourself in. I’m sorry I’m not there yet, but I’ll be home in an hour or so.” 

“No worries. I’m sure I can make myself at home. I’ll see you in a bit.” Jackson hung up as the navigation directed him into his sister’s neighborhood. 

Jackson finally pulled into the driveway after what felt like the longest drive of his life. His brain felt like a tornado was taking place inside it as all the thoughts swirled. Thoughts about his home and life in Atlanta, about his business there, and about the real reason he had come to Twin Creeks—the one he hadn’t told Emily about.

He hoped he was doing the right thing, but didn’t know for sure. Emily’s house came into view and it warmed his heart to be near family. If only he was traveling to a family home where his siblings had grown up together. Oh well, at least he had his sister. The loud music and energy drink had kept him awake for the last thirty minutes, and he was relieved to climb from the vehicle and stretch his muscles. When he reached the porch, he looked around for the plant Emily had said would be there. Jackson spotted it and flipped it over with his toe. Whoops, a little dirt spilled out, but he found the key underneath. He picked it up and tried to gather up the dirt from the concrete, then brushed his hands off on his jeans as he let himself into the house.

Through the front door the air conditioning hit him in the face, a contrast to the June Tennessee heat outside. He dropped his keys on a table in the foyer and made his way through to the living room. Since Emily had said she would be home in a little while, he ignored the rest of the house that he’d never seen before and looked for Emily’s room where he could catch a nap before she got home. He didn’t think his sister would mind. 

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