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Dream with Me

Dream with Me

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She’s following her dreams.
He’s following his heart.
But does God have a plan for them together?

Main Tropes

  • College Romance
  • Opposites Attract
  • Caretaker romance


Peyton Kelly is stumbling through her freshman year of college. Between her full class schedule and the demands of being a university cheerleader, she’s barely holding it together. She won’t let a relationship get in the way of her dreams.

Spencer Brooks seems to have life figured out. He’s a good student and a leader in the campus ministry, impatiently waiting for God to show him where to go next. Then, the cute new cheerleader catches his eye.

When Peyton’s dreams come crashing down, her faith and confidence take a beating, but her friendship with Spencer grows. He is desperate to show her how he feels and help her trust God with her future, but is he truly trusting God with his own?

Chapter One Look Inside

Peyton Kelly pulled the strap of her bag back up to her shoulder from where it was falling off her arm. She tried again to tie her tennis shoe as she held her foot

up in the air, and then continued running down the hallway toward the university cheerleaders’ practice gymnasium. I can’t believe I’m late. Again. She thought to herself as she hurried through the doors. She made it to the locker area and shoved her bag in her locker then ran to the floor where her teammates were stretching. The coach, who was discussing what the squad would work on for the day gave her a look, but didn’t say anything. Peyton took a seat on the floor near her stunting partners and began stretching.

“Alright, that’s it, so let’s get warmed up,” the coach said as she finished up. Peyton would have to find out from her friend what she needed to do.

“Alicia, what did she say?” Peyton asked.

Her friend reviewed what they were doing then questioned her, “Really Peyton? Late again? You’re going to get in trouble.”

“I know,” Peyton could feel her heart racing faster as she anxiously pulled at her ponytail. “I was trying to squeeze in studying for my math test tomorrow and I was going to leave just in time to get here, but then I couldn’t find my keys.”

“We’ve all got a lot going on. But you’re here now, so just think about practice, okay?”

“I know, I know. I will.” Peyton stood up and joined her group as the squad spread out on the floor. The large matted cheer floor was covered in blue that matched their official cheerleading uniforms, and their practice outfits. The wall facing the floor held a long row of tall mirrors that allowed the team to watch themselves to perfect their moves. The adjoining wall boasted plaques and banners from cheerleading competitions and photos of past squads from the university. During practice voices echoed off the walls and ceiling in a way that made Peyton feel fully immersed in the sport that she loved.

She circled up with her partners now, then she tightened her ponytail, took a long breath in and pushed all the air out as she focused her mind. She prepared herself for the cheerleading stunt where she would take her place on the top of the three- person pyramid. She listened to her teammates count off as she placed her hands on their shoulders then jumped to place both feet in their hands as they lifted her in the air. Peyton stood for a three-count, then lifted one foot to stand for another three-count before stepping back and finally being lowered and caught by her teammates. She easily completely the stunt that they had performed hundreds of times in the past. This was an easy warm-up before they worked on more complicated skills. With her feet planted on the floor her mind wandered. The test scheduled for her math class the next day weighed heavily on her. In fact, that wasn’t the only thing on her mind. Her full schedule of freshman classes at the university kept her busy enough, then the added time of cheerleading, practice and sporting events created quite a challenge. Her thoughts drifted to her older sister and what she would say if Peyton failed a test. She shook her head, she didn’t want to think about disappointing anyone.

The sound of her stunt partners counting off again brought Peyton’s mind back to the gym. She felt uncertain as she again placed her hands on her teammates’ shoulders. As soon as she started to jump she sensed that something was off. She hadn’t listened to what they were doing and as she tried to jump into the hands she thought were waiting for her, her teammates prepared to toss her in the air. Panic rushed through Peyton as her feet landed awkwardly, and then slipped as the girls tried unsuccessfully to steady her. She crashed down to the floor twisting her right ankle as she landed.

“What were you doing?” one of the girls asked harshly.

“Peyton, are you okay?” Alicia stooped down to her friend.

Peyton sat and grabbed her ankle, she gritted her teeth together and tried not to cry. The pain was intense, but she stood up quickly and tried to shake it off. Putting weight  on it made her stomach turn, What have I done? she thought. “I’m okay, I’m okay,” she took a few awkward steps trying to convince her teammates as well as herself. “I’m okay.” She lifted her foot and rolled her ankle a few times.

“Alright, do you want to try again?” Alicia asked.

“Yeah, yeah, just one second, I’ll be ready,” Peyton tried jumping up and down. Her ankle hurt, a lot. But she thought she could bear it. She noticed the coach looking their way and thought she might be coming over. “I’m ready, let’s go,” she said before she could give her coach the opportunity.

“Okay, now Peyton, basket toss,” Alicia spoke the words very slowly, “Basket toss. Got it?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’ve got it this time.” She took her spot and prepared herself for the stunt. Her teammates counted off and they completed the toss and caught her without incident. She rolled her ankle a few times and tried not to notice the pain she felt.

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