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Her Sister's Ex

Her Sister's Ex

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She’s holding a grudge, but he’s holding out hope.

Main Tropes

  • Sister's Ex
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Forced Proximity


Claire Palmer has given up on romance. Being a bridesmaid in her childhood best friend’s wedding is only making her more sure of that. Love might be in the air for the destination event, but Claire plans to keep to herself and enjoy the vacation.

Deacon Miller knows there’s someone out there for him, but he’s sure he won’t find her at a wedding where he already knows everyone.

When Claire is partnered with her sister’s ex-boyfriend for the wedding festivities, she’s certain she might die before the weekend is over…unless she pushes him in the ocean first.

Deacon can’t stand the thought that her whole family hates him after what happened with Claire’s sister. With Claire as his constant companion for the trip, he hopes he can convince her he’s not a bad guy.

When they come back to reality, will they be able to move past their differences to find their own happiness?

Chapter One Look Inside

Claire Palmer didn’t want anything to do with another wedding. For years she’d watched her friends, her sisters, and even mild acquaintances fall in love and get married. But not her. She was still the most single person on the planet. 

Too bad she was on an airplane to fly to a destination wedding. Her childhood best friend, Sarah, was getting married at a resort in Florida. The two hadn’t been close for years, but they had kept in touch. Now that Sarah was engaged, she was making good on their promise to be in each other’s weddings one day. Claire was certain she wouldn’t be keeping up her end of the bargain. Not because she didn’t like Sarah, but she was convinced there wouldn’t be a wedding in her future. 

Claire squeezed her eyes closed and pressed her head back on the seat as the plane took off. She didn’t fly much, but every time it made her sick to her stomach to hear the jet engines rumble and speed off the runway. This time was no different. In fact, it was worse. Maybe it was the flight, plus the looming future of the four-day wedding weekend. Five days, actually, but Claire had chosen to fly a day later than the rest of the bridal party. She made the excuse that she couldn’t take that many days off work. That wasn’t really true. She rarely took days off during the year from her teaching job. Why would she? What would she do with vacation days? She had enough time to herself during spring, winter, and summer breaks. 

Despite that, she didn’t want to spend another day with all the happy couples. Not only were Sarah and Joel getting married, but Claire knew that most of the other wedding party members were couples too. She sighed thinking about it. Four days of happy couples in a romantic beach resort. Alone. 

Her mother’s helpful suggestion had been, “Maybe you’ll meet someone at the wedding.” Claire rolled her eyes, remembering the conversation. 

“Mom, it’s a destination wedding. The only people there will be the wedding party, all of whom are coupled up, and Sarah’s parents and grandparents.” 

Now, as the plane reached its climax and leveled off, Claire let herself breathe. No, she wouldn’t be meeting anyone on this trip. But she could still have fun. As scary as the takeoff was, it was also exhilarating. This could be her chance for a new start. Maybe it was time to stop wishing to be part of a couple and have the best single-girl life she could. 

“That’s it,” she whispered to herself. “This is who I am, and if I’m meant to be single, I’ll make the most of it.” 

She hoped she could stay as positive as she felt in this moment. Who needed a guy, anyway? 

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