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Billionaire at The Christmas Inn

Billionaire at The Christmas Inn

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He’s a secret billionaire who doesn’t want anything to do with Christmas. She’s sunk every penny into getting her Inn ready for the holiday. Can the season bring hope for them both?

Main Tropes

  • Secret Billionaire
  • Hidden Identity
  • Christmas Romance


Eva Parks loves everything about Christmas. It was her grandparents and their small Inn that made the season magical. Now that they’ve left the Inn to Eva, she’s determined to make the business and the holiday a success.

Logan Bradford is a man of responsibility. But family dynamics have made Christmas an unpleasant memory. When his mom decides to reunite everyone under one roof for the holiday, Logan doesn’t want to disappoint her again.

An unexpected snowstorm puts Eva and Logan working together in close quarters. Despite his distrust of people, Logan feels comfortable with Eva. But he still doesn’t tell her his big secret.

Eva wants to let herself fall for Logan, but she’s been abandoned before, and she’s not ready to risk her heart.

Will they open up to each other for Christmas, or will what they don’t say keep them apart?

Chapter One Look Inside

Christmas was the last thing Logan Bradford wanted to think about. All the Christmas issues of the magazines he oversaw for the publishing company—one-hundred fifty-seven of them to be exact—had long been completed. And in his mind, Christmas was over and done with. Except for the actual day spent at his parents’ house for Christmas dinner. But that would just be a day to eat too much food, and then he could go back to work.

So why was he staring at an email with a picture of an inn decorated top to bottom in greenery, lights, and Christmas wreaths? The only person that could convince him to think about this holiday was his mother, and she was begging him to join the family for a traditional Christmas tucked away in an inn in the North Carolina mountains.

Logan looked over the email that read: We haven’t spent more than a few hours together as a family at Christmas in years. It’s time. Please say you’ll join us.

He leaned back in his desk chair and ran his hands over his dark hair. He liked it kept short, it was fast and easy, and he didn’t have time to think about things like hair products. He spun his chair around to stare out the floor-to-ceiling window of his high-rise office.

His mom meant well, of course. And could he really blame her for wanting her two sons together for the holiday? He rubbed his chin, remembering their Christmases as a kid. They had been full of fun and presents and good memories. But that’s probably what his mom was hoping for. She wasn’t likely to get that with Logan and his brother, both in their thirties, who barely spoke to each other, unless required by the business. 

Logan sighed. A knock on the door interrupted him and he turned to watch his assistant enter. 

“Mr. Bradford, your four o’clock appointment is in the lobby.” She bit her lip. “And your mother is on line one.”

He squeezed his eyes closed, knowing he wasn’t getting out of this one. “Thanks. Give me two minutes and then show Mr. Jennings in.” He collapsed into his desk chair and hit the button to answer the phone. “Hi, Mom.” He took a deep breath. He knew by the end of the phone call, he would be going to a mountain inn for Christmas. 

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